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These photographs originate from the private albums of ww2 SAAF fighter pilot Cecil Golding. It was kindly made available to me by mr. Golding. I placed the photographs on this web site in order to share these gems to historians, enthusiasts and the wider public. Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

Jan 2012

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Captions in green: thanks to Yuri Maree


1) Cairo hospital: ?, nurse, Tom Finlayson (5 sqdn, 2/10/42 KIFA,)

1 – 5   This was after the catastrophic battle on 3rd June over Bir Hacheim, when nine of 5 Squadron’s Tomahawks attacked a dozen or so Stukas just as they pulled out of their dives. They claimed 10 Stukas shot down but lost 7 Tomahawks on the day. This was the fight when Robin Pare was killed, and Cecil, Morrison, Muir, Martin were shot down. Cecil talked a lot about it in the videos.


1a)  Cairo hospital 1942: Finlayson, Cecil

2) Cairo hospital june 1942, nurse


3) Cairo Hospital 1942; L  Sas? , R  Tom Finlayson


4)  Tom Finlayson


5)  1.     Cairo hospital: Cecil, ?


6) cecil with 1 sqdn 1944, 500 lb bomb




8) Flight training 1941/42


9) 1.     On leave: Joan Plinsell, Cecil, Babes Heydenrich


10) 1.     Up north with ship  2nd tour 1943




 12    Sidi Barrani ,5 sqdn accident July 1942

This was on 3rd June 1942, that really bad day for 5 Squadron. A dozen Tomahawks took off from Gambut no.2 landing ground (LG 142) on a sweep over Bir Hacheim. These two collided on takeoff because of dust, RC Hirst and PC Grobler. Then one turned back with engine trouble (Louis Van der Spuy) and five were shot down, including Robin Pare KIA. 7 a/c lost in one day.



14  1.     Tunis harbour

15 Italian man


16  1.     German pow Tunis 1943


 17 1.     German pow Tunis 1943



19  German wrecks at Tunis Main LG. Far left a Me 110, centre a Ju 88 and right a Ju   


20  1.     Cecil in Engineer Corps Cullinan 1941

21  Harry Gaynor

22)  Harry Gaynor

23  Harry Gaynor

24  1.     1 Sqdn 1944 CG, Lippy, ?, Sandy Brown

 25 1 sqdn Sicily 1943

26      Badenhorst 3 sqdn  

WJ Badenhorst, he was KIA in Korea with 2 Sq


27 Malta


28 Catania. Sicily, 1 sqdn

Catania, Sicily Aug/Sept 1943


29 Malta




31 Costa 3 sqdn


32) Snowy Moody OC 1 sqdn 1942-1943

Snowy Moodie as a full Colonel, so this photo would be after April 1945 when he replaced JDW Human as CO of 7 Wing. 


33  8 wing sqdn leaders, Christofferson, Loubser OC 11 sqdn, Rosie du Toit, 8 wing leader,C Golding  3sqdn leader, Geoff Garton RAF

L to R    S/L Christopherson, CO of 185 Squadron RAF, major Charles Laubscher CO of 11 Sq SAAF, Rosy du Toit 8 Wing CO (not wing leader, that’s the 2.I.C’s title), Cecil CO of 3 Sq SAAF, S/L Geoff Garton CO of 87 Sq RAF. These Sq’s made up 8 Wing…….3 and 11 SAAF, 87, 185. 

34 Italian Bf-109


35  1.     Binedell 7 sqdn

 36 Stanford, OC 7 sqdn

37  Capt Arthur Binedell 7 sqdn

38  J Human, Jan Hofmeyer, Kritzinger, Derek Gilson, Cecil, J Weaver

Jan Hofmeyr was Minister of Finance in Smuts’ cabinet, he visited 7 Wing at Foiano Della Chiana LG (known as FOIANA) in Italy on 18th September 1944, when this photo was taken. JDW Human at left was 7 Wing CO.    


39  Cecil


40  1.     X mas lunch

41  1.     Cecil, Frank Montanari, 7 sqdn

42  El Gamil LG in Egypt, at the mouth of the Suez Canal in the Med. But…….the photo is reversed!



43  1.     7 sqdn “Heinkel” Meikle left, Montanari right

44  The Western Desert, looks like LG 97 (or one of the LGs south of Alex along  the road to Cairo), judging by the building


45 Mech Check the size of the beer bottles…..no wonder they’re smiling! 




47 1 sqdn At Trigno LG, the only LG 1 Sq and 7 Wing used with a PSP surface (pierced steel planking)


 48   3 sqdn group

 Cecil standing front right

49  Vic Bester, ?,?, Rosy du Toit, ?

Standing 2nd from left is Col. Ed Biden, a pre-war PF pilot who had been CO of 41 Sq in East Africa. This looks like 1945 or just after the war ended, by which time he was probably a staff officer. Also – Vic Bester was the 3 Sq Adjudant.




50 Cecil's gun cam 

51  Cecil's gun cam

52  Cecil's gun cam 

(George Hillary’s photo album has this same shot)

53  Cecil's gun cam

54  Cecil's gun cam

55  Cecil's gun cam

57  1.     Denis Triblehorn,  1 sqdn, 7 sqdn

58 .     Mechs with 3 Sqdn badge

59  1.     Denis Triblehorn 1sqdn and 7 sqdn

 60      Vic Bester, 41 sqdn 

Vic Bester, 3 Sq adjudant

61       Bob Sturgeon (“Virgin”) 3 sqdn

62     Southey, Capt Gordon Cecil 3 sqdn

63       Jack Parsonson, 8 wing sweep leader

Taken after the war ended, when 8 Wing was based at Udine in Italy. Jack Parsonson was a POW from 30 April 1943 (shot down in Tunisia two weeks before the German forces in Africa surrendered there) till May 1945.

64  Dawie Theron, 3 sqdn

65  Bezuidenhoud, 3 sqdn

66 ?? Haarhoff, 3 sqdn

 67  Ackerman “Akkers” 3 sqdn

68  Frikkie Glover 11 sqdn

69  Doug Davies, 1 sqdn, 11 sqdn

 70  Curly ??Porkham 3 sqdn

71  C Golding  OC 3 sqdn with sqdn jeep

72  ? Doug (Hank?)Fischer  3 sqdn

73  Athol Blair 3 sqdn


 75 D Theron 3 sqdn

 76 Mackay RAF

77 Cecil . AC with 500lb bomb


 79  Dawie Theron right, 3sqdn

80 Officer's mess


81        3 sqdn


 82) D Lucas 3 sqdn

 83  Rosie du Toit 

Looks like Parsonson behind. Du Toit and him were big mates from pre-war Mil College days, when they did the “Amphigarious” course which included equestrian training. They were both expert horsemen. This was after the war ended, and they were the two commanders of 8 Wing at Udine in Italy. (I have Parsonson’s autobiography).  

 84           1 Sqdn Spit with long range fuel tank

Spitfire Mk.9 of 1 Sq at Foiano LG



86 Tunisia 1943


87  O E G Bezuidenhoud 3 sqdn

88   8 (SA) wing cartoon 1945


89 Rosy du Toit


 90  Jack Parsonson, 8 wing sweep leader

91  Parsonson and Rosy

See comments re. 83, this was Jul/Aug/Sept 1945 after the war ended, Rosy du Toit pulled some strings when Parsonson was released from POW camp and had him posted to 8 Wing as Wingco Flying. They spent the summer at Udine, Italy and returned to SA at the end of Sept. 8 Wing was supplied with 12 horses in June 1945 for recreational purposes.

 92 Sturgeon the “Virgin”









99 US concert group in Cecil's AC


100    Malta 1943, 1 sqdn  

Spit Mk.5, note 3 bladed prop

 101  Udine 3 sqd

102    1.     Southy

103 VE day accident, vary pistol shot sets fuel dump on fire.


104  Cecil with US concert group girl

105  US concert group

105 Fw-190


107   Fw-190 

Cecil; OC 3 sqdn 1945


108 ?,?, Rosy,?

Oke at left looks like Wing Commander Geoff Garton, who was promoted from 87 Sq CO to Wing Leader in 8 Wing when Snowy Moodie left in April 1945. Oke 2nd from left is also in photo no. 49, standing at centre. Don’t know who he is, but he’s a Lt Col. At right is Col. Ed Biden again.



109  Fw-190


110     J Parsonson + Rosie

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