Denis Taylor 10 sqdn

These photographs originate from the private albums of ww2 SAAF fighter pilot Denis Taylor. It was kindly made available to me by Mr. Taylor. I placed the photographs on this web site in order to share these gems to historians, enthusiasts and the wider public. Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

Jan 2013

Names of 10 squadron pilots  from photographs and war diary:

Maj. Cecil Jack Omond "Zulu" Swales, DFC, to 4sqdn as OC 10/1944

Capt. T R "Chick" Fryer, to 1 sqdn 10/1944

Capt. Willem Munro Copeland, to 7 sqdn 11/1944

Lt.. Jack Owen Brown (crash landed on beach in Crete but rescued) MiD, to 2 sqdn 1/1945

Lt.. Denis Taylor, to 4 sqdn 11/1944, POW 1945

Lt.  J George  Segalla, to 4 sqdn 8/1944

Lt. P During, he was POW while at 4 sqdn 1945

Lt. J W S van Heerden, to 7 sqdn 1944

Lt.  Tammy "Tadpole" Tomlinson

Lt.  S W "Bill"  Rabie , DFC, KIFA  24/6/1944

Lt. John Barry Pyott, he was KIA in 1945  4/3/1945 while at RAF450 sqdn

Lt.  Joe J  Roelofse, KIFA while at 4 sqdn 12/1944

Lt John Henri du Toit, to 2 sqdn 1/1945

Lt. Laurie ?

Lt. Mike ?

Lt. Peter Dudley "Lepinski" Leppan, to 2 sqdn 11/1944

Lt. Angus Dunstan "Bill" Avery, born in Aus, to 44 sqdn 1945


2  Back: Tomlinson, Johnny du Toit, George Segalla

front: Roelofse (KIFA), ?, Bill (Aussie)

3  Chick Fryer



5  George Segalla, Johnny du Toit, Barry Pyott, Chick Fryer

6 George Segalla and Laurie ?



8  Tomlinson

9  Laurie, Segalla, Peter During

10 Back : J du Toit, Denis Taylor, Tadpole, Pyott
Middle: Bill (Aussie)
Front: J O Brown (crash land in Crete but returned), ?,?


11  Mike ? and Chick Fryer

12 Sandy: Intelligence officer


13  Denis

15 Denis Taylor, George Segalla, Chick Fryer and top is Johnny du Toit


16 Denis and George Segalla with a Greek girl at Stanley bay, Alexandria

17  George Segalla, Peter During, Peter Leppan




21 George Segalla and Chick Fryer



24 Pyott. His family has a large biscuit business and one logo is "Did you say"


25  Tammy "Tadpole" Tomlinson





28 back: Tammy "Tadpole" Tomlinson, Bill (Aussie), George Segalla

front: Joe Roelofse (killed), Johnny du Toit, Peter "Lepinski"  Leppan











34 On way from Idku to Savoia:

back: transport, transport, L.., George Segalla, Denis Taylor, ?

front: Tammy "Tadpole" Tomlinson, Joe Roelofse


35 ground staff


36 Squadron transports




38 Butch, Squadron doctor or "MO", medical officer


 39 Aussie Bill, Tadpole, Johnny du Toit, Denis Taylor, ?, Peter During, Pyott

40 Denis said that many high water pools like this one is called "Cleopatra's pool"


41 Italian docking structures at the beach near Savoia. Denis told me they did hand grenade fishing here!


42 Pyott, ?, Denis, Tadpole


43. "Smoothy Johnson" was a saying for "cool" guys.


44 Pyott, Bill, ?


45 Major Zulu Swales


46 Tammy  "Tadpole" Tomlinson


47 squadron Hockey team, Denis at the back 2nd from left


48 Crash landed medium bomber, crew were safe. Savoia




50) Loot brought over from Italy; it is said that the new "owner" drove this to South Africa.




52 Small town of Appalonia near Savoia aerfield.


53 ?


54 Denis fishing 


55 Bill Avery, Carruthers (IO officer), Denis.


56 Pyott


57 Sandy, IO


58 ?


59 Intelligence  officer:  Carruthers


60 Pyott, ?


61 Back: Peter During, P du Toit

Front: Roelofse, ?


63 George Segalla


62 Group pic at Hocky game, Denis third from right seated. Spartans was one of the "house league"  hockey teams


64  Unidentified pilot. Mk IX in front, Mk. VIII at back unpainted.



66  ?, Chick Fryer


67 George Segalle and Denis in Alex





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