Cecil Golding; 3 Squadron Photographs 1944-'45

 These photographs originate from the private albums of ww2 SAAF fighter pilot Cecil Golding. It was kindly made available to me by mr. Golding. I placed the photographs on this web site in order to share these gems to historians, enthusiasts and the wider public. Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

Jan 2012

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Cecil with No 3 squadron jeep.


3 Squadron Spitfires parked in close formation; picture taken most probably just after the war.


Squadron members showing 3 squadron's emblem


This cartoon appeared in the SAAF magazine "Wings" showing leading personalities of SAAF 8 wing.


Clay pigeon shooting with Stanford .


Squadron shower in Udine


Capt Southey taking a bath


Cecil with touring  US concert group  lady


3 Squadron pilot being killed behind enemy lines, Germans did the burial and made the cross.


Tradition in 3 squadron; Christmas lunch being served by officers.





Jannie Smuts  visiting SAAF 8 wing



Final combined air forces fly past in Italy 1945.


Cecil with his big mate Ogies van Heerden.







Flying a captured FW190


The beardsd pilot Ackerman called "Ackers"













Spitfire IX








P40 Kittyhawk


Crashed liberator


Crashed B-17 












Visiting US concert group.


3 Squadron rugby team. 


VE day celebrations accident; a very pistol shot ignited a petrol dump.


After the war: 8 wing members playing polo. 


After the war: relaxing  at Cape Gada


After the war: visit to Hitler's buildings at Berchtesgaden.


Trip on the "              " back to South Africa. Rosie du Toit delegated Cecil  be in charge of all the 8 wing passengers; an unpleasant job.


Arrival at Durban Harbour


 Cape Town ww2 pilots having a reunion in 19??.

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